Blacksmithing is one of the oldest professions.This fact is attests by archaeological research. The word “smith” was “always” presented in the Polish language. It is difficult to determine its origin, we cannot find it in the etymological dictionary. Blacksmiths dealt with not only the shoeing of horses, but the hammering of iron many items, small things such as flint, ratchets, railing, gates, grills, and even the pulpit. Since a long time forged iron components were used in building and construction.


The main material is iron blacksmith, although the ancient Greeks, Romans and Etruscans forge many useful objects using bronze, copper and silver. Iron in Poland was known from approx. 750 years BC, but vestiges of the production come from VI-V century BC.


Year 1992 is another important date in history. Then the Postal company was founded. Our company combines tradition with current trends, effectively confronts the challenges of the XXI century.