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Krzysztof Ślachciak


Krzysztof Ślachciak – impure photography

A member of the Union of Polish Art Photographers, Krzysztof Ślachciak specialises in portraits, conceptual sessions, architecture and product photography. So far, we could see his works during nearly fifty exhibitions and photographic events, both in Poland and abroad. As he says himself: Once in a while I get the need to get my emotions out. Then I look for an image with which I could get rid of them. This feeling grows, chases me, at the climax pushes to action. Photographs are created, or their beginnings, often later rehearsed for months until the final image emerges. An image whose last act of existence are the feelings of viewers who find something special in a given photograph, something just for themselves.

Knowing and appreciating Krzysztof’s passion, we decided to support the publication of his works. The book, or rather artbook: “It is more likely that we are not unique” is the result of about ten years of photographic artistic work and the author’s interest in cosmology and astrophysics. The narrative leads the reader through the philosophical aspects of scientific discoveries, theories and hypotheses and their meaning for us, trying to answer the question: in the context of our knowledge of the Universe, do we have the right to feel special, privileged? Or are we just one of many forms that matter takes and we feel special only because we define ourselves as such?

The book is distributed and sold by the Warsaw Spot Gallery. – we encourage you to get acquainted with its content.

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