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Postal & TENADO partnership

Postal & TENADO – an official partnership

Our passion for craftsmanship has brought us together with the TENADO company. As official partners, we offer modern and functional solutions for the Polish and foreign metal industry. How do we operate?

The TENADO company creates software for designing, among others, gates, balustrades, fences, posts, metal stairs, screw joints and fastening plates. The scope of activities of the software includes:

  • automatic analysis,
  • detailed preview for the workshop,
  • competent design – working with the material,
  • representation and planning of bent members.

Thanks to comprehensive generators, most constructions are drawn automatically and the quantity of materials, the length and cutting angle of the bars as well as the mass and the total area of the construction are listed for each of them. Material analysis is carried out in real time, allowing you to view materials at all times. The program allows for the creation of realistic images that do not differ from photographs.

One of the functions of the TENADO METAL software is the library – a place where you can quickly and conveniently order the required materials. This is where we come in: our forged parts are available in the manufacturer’s catalog and automatically uploaded to the software. Top quality materials and a clear design – this is exactly the optimum combination for Postal and TENADO.

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