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New photocells in SEA sets

We are pleased to announce that as of September 12, the SEA gate automation kits available in our offer include new photocells.

The MITO photocells have been replaced by the FLIPS version, which are 1.5 cm narrower, making them ideal even for narrow posts. In addition, they are adjustable – perfect for mounting on swing gates or sliding gates in combination with a safety edge.

The change applies to the sets:

Mercury 800 FM digital switchboard 
Surf 250, 230 V
Mercury 400 GATE 1 DG (230V)
Saturn 800 OIL FM EG1
Boxer 1300 OIL DG
Mercury 800 FM digital switchboard
Saturn SUPER FAST 500 24V OIL
Mercury 400 USER 1 DG (24V)
Mercury 400 FAST
Mercury 800 FM
Saturn 1300 E G1 FM
Boxer 2000 230V OIL G1
Mini Tank SC OIL
Full Tank AC 270 OIL


Our offer is available:

  • in the online store: – directed to individual customers,
  • on the B2B platform – created for entrepreneurs, representatives of institutions.


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