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News from Star Flex – fiber discs


We are pleased to announce the expansion of our offer to include fiber discs of our Star Flex brand, valued for the reliability and high quality of its products. Star Flex, for years known for its innovative solutions, introduces three types of fiber discs to our offer: with alumina, ceramic and zirconium grain.

These discs are characterized by exceptional durability and working efficiency, enabling faster material removal, which translates into time and cost savings in production. As a Star Flex brand, we make sure that our products meet the highest standards, which is also evident in the new fiber discs.




  • Alumina grit discs are ideal for general grinding and surface finishing, offering excellent performance and long life.
  • Ceramic discs, thanks to their aggressiveness, are ideal for intensive grinding work, guaranteeing fast and efficient material removal.
  • Zirconia grit discs, which are characterized by their ability to self-sharpen, provide consistent performance throughout their service life, which is crucial when machining demanding materials.

We also offer a specialized base for fiber discs, designed to ensure stability and safety during work. This base guarantees optimal working conditions, minimizing vibration and increasing the efficiency of the grinding process. Thanks to its robust construction and well-thought-out ergonomics, the base allows long-lasting and comfortable work, which is extremely important in the context of industrial applications.


We invite you to get acquainted with our range of Star Flex fiber discs and convince yourself of their exceptional quality and versatility of applications. Our team is at your disposal, ready to answer any questions and advise you on the selection of suitable products.

We are sure that the new line of Star Flex fiber discs will meet your expectations and contribute to even greater efficiency in your daily grinding work.

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