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Safety glasses – new in our offer

We know that effective work starts with following safety rules. That is why we extend our offer of safety products – we introduce four pairs of protective goggles made of polycarbonate.


Lightweight, one-piece and clear, they have a wide range of applications useful for all those who work in industry:

  • steel,
  • automotive,
  • electronics,
  • food industry,
  • hygiene.

Glasses will also work well for those who perform work in:

  • construction,
  • renovation,
  • gardening.


All pairs of glasses are durable and resistant: to impacts, scratches and radiation: UV, IR. They are also characterized by universal size – the glasses are comfortable to wear, provide a wide field of vision.

Where to look for them? For individual customers we recommend our online store:, while representatives of companies and institutions are welcome to visit our B2B platform.

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