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Fischer in our portfolio

Innovation is undoubtedly what sets Fischer apart. A large number of patents, excellent workmanship and experience from all over the world – the brand is unrivalled in the field of fastening technology.


This is why we decided at the beginning of the year to conclude a distribution agreement with Fischer and thus expand our product range. As a result, we have introduced:

  • dowels – characterized by safe functioning in solid, hollow block and slab substrates,
  • frame anchors – making it possible to anchor elements in masonry, concrete and gas concrete, perfect for fixing e.g. windows, brackets, kitchen cabinets and coat hangers,
  • pin anchors – adapted for standard fastening, e.g. balustrades, stairs, steel structures,
  • pin anchors – for holding high loads in building panels,,
  • chemical anchors – designed for filling gaps: in masonry, cracked and uncracked concrete,
  • pins for insulating materials– used for the assembly of lightweight elements on insulating panels: foamed polystyrene and polyurethane,
  • self-drilling screws – guaranteeing quick and easy assembly in plasterboards and gypsum-fibre boards.


We know that in the case of Fischer, every zloty spent on brand products – durable and solid! – pays for itself many times over.

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